Top 5 Wired Food of Nepal


In Nepal there are several cultures and several tribes, which have different kinds of tradition. They have their own food, dress up and their own festival. All these kinds of tradition make the Nepal a dynamic and multi cultural Nepal. Here in the Nepal, there are some foods which are not found in the other parts of Nepal. 1-Wachipa: Wachipa is a typical kind of kirat dish made with the chicken. The powder made out of burnt feathers of a chicken. The powder gives unique bitter taste.

2- Pukala: Pukala is a traditional dish boiled and fried meats of the water buffalo. It is newari delicacy made by boiling pancreas and spleen. The meat is than sliced into 1 inch pieces and pan fried. 3-Swan Puka: Swan Puka is a delicacy in the Newari culture of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Swan Puka is goats lungs filled with spicy batter and boiled sliced and fried.

4-Ghoghi: Ghoghi is one of the most common foods in a Tharu community of Nepal. Ghoghi is often catered as delicacy. Just the way others serve chicken or mutton. This species of snail is serves with the ground linseed soup. Usually this dish is eaten by sucking the snail from its shell and available all over the market place in terai.

5- Blood of Yak: Blood of yak is drunk twice a year in mustang and it is observed as a festival. A part of the yak’s neck is pierced for the blood to gush out and tumbler placed under to collect the fresh blood in belief that drinking fresh blood of yak treats gastritis, acidity, jaundice, bowel related diseases as the yak’s feed on valuable herbs like yarshagumba, jatamasi and panchaaunle.