How to make chicken Chaumin


To make chicken Chowmein you need the following ingredients: 250 gram egg noodles 200 gram chicken 1 cup cabbage Half cup capsicum Garlic, ginger Onions

chicken-chowmin Carrot Green chilies Salt per taste Soya sauce Garam masala Red chili powder Cornstarch Green chili sauce

If make these things ready, then you can make chicken chowmein. First of all you need to make chicken marinated for the chowmein. In the bone less chicken meat you need to put Soya sauce Garam masala, Red chili powder, Cornstarch and salt per taste and mix it well. Then wrap with the plastic and make noodles for chowmein. To make noodles make hot water with the salt. When the water boiled then put the noodles and cook it 4 minutes. When it is cooked then remove the water through the drainer and add some oil to make it non sticky.

After making these things ready, put the pan on the heat and put some oil on it. When it gets heat then put some onions, chili, garlic and ginger and fried it for a while. Then put the marinated chicken and cook it. After some time chicken will be cooked and then put capsicum, tomato and cabbage, carrot. Add some salt, red chili powder, garam masala and soya sauce and mix it well. After doing this last put the boiled noodles on it and mixed well. Finally your chicken chowmein is ready.